Miracle Camp

I have to say that we had an AWESOME time at family camp. This kids were in heaven! The weather was perfect and there were so many things to do; fishing, swimming, Archery, digging and walking in the water, boating, sitting around the campfire, I could go on and on. We had a great time watching the kids have so much fun. I got some great images. I even gave some of them awards. Take a look and see what I mean. I had so many great pictures, but I had to narrow it down. I hope this gives you a good picture of our time at Miracle camp.

The first thing we did after we got settled in our rooms was hang out around the campfire.

Enough said

Probably the most dangerous.

Tons of exploration. I don't think their fee were dry all weekend.

This maybe gets the award for the cutest.

A little flirting.

Going on a hay rack ride. :-) Sam really was excited, he just hates getting his picture taken.

Best boots!!!!!

Definitely some relaxing going on here!

By far the funniest, (and maybe the most relaxed)

Ok, hands down, this is the cutest.

Danny just loved the boats and wanted to go all the time.

We finally let him venture out on his own and he was in heaven. I am sure he'd still be in the boat if we let him.

Beautiful ending to a perfect day.

Bye Miracle Camp, see you next year!
Thanks for letting me share our great weekend vacation with you.